Our Sustainable Development Goals

Our ultimate goal is to make the world as sustainable as possible. To not leave any waste behind and to reproduce as much materials as possible. But that would only be possible if we take small steps towards that goal.

To summarize our goals:

1. Sustainably use and clean the oceans, seas and marine resources – by supporting 4Ocean and other instances that clean our oceans, and by using ocean waste as a material for our garments.
2.  Combat climate change and its impacts – by reducing waste, creating circularity in our products & aiming to be 100% plastic free, unless it’s recycled.
3. Ensure sustainable production – in every aspect; CO2 Neutral transportation of our productions from our manufacturers to us, and from us to our customers.
4. Sustainably manage forests, fight desertification and stop biodiversity loss – by planting trees and protecting areas of interest. We want to own pieces of land in which we can grow back wilderness and protect it.

Thanks to The Eden Projects, we are able to make our contribution to reforest our planet. By donating to our team, we expand our reach and impact greatly! For more information about the trees and how they are planted, costs and other specifications, please read their website carefully! To contribute to our team, click the link down below! www.give.edenprojects.org /m_oskarsson 

Read our annual report over 2020

How do we tend to do it?

we plant trees, clean up oceans, and support local charities.

But in order to do this, we will need to invest. Which we will do, we want to invest not only money, but more importantly: our time and energy. 

Actions speak louder than words, we always say. That is why M-Oskarsson will show how we invest back into the world and nature. There will be a schedule of events and plans for the future to care for our environment in many different ways. This schedule will be visible in a calendar, and will be available and visible for everyone.

Even though M-Oskarsson tries to contribute to nature as much as the company can, but we are still a company. Which means that our economic stability is also very important to us. That is one of the reasons why we will try to balance our economic interest and ecologic interest as perfectly as possible.

Besides all of the above, we only use sustainable and 100% recycled, organic products for everything. Like our labels and folders, stickers and boxes that we send our products with. Even our couriers offer a more sustainable solution by offering trafficking with lesser emissions, sometimes even to a neutral point (for now only a part of Europe).

Our power is provided by Vattenfall, which is a well-known company, that only delivers sustainable, green energy and power.  We do not order any products or services if they pack their items with plastic! Our manufacturers know this, and make sure that they never use any unnecessary packaging with us (and hopefully others as well). In the future we will make sure that plastic packaging won’t be used in the fashion branche.

Trees planted

Trees are planted for every €10,- spent by customers AND M-Oskarsson self. This boosts the proces, making it one of our most important goals.

Events planned

The amount of charity/clean up events M-Oskarsson has planned comming next period. View our calendar for more information, dates and times!

Charity Instances

Different kind of charities supported by M-Oskarsson. We subscribe and help out with our time and money as much as we can.

Progression of our goals
Progression of our new collection
New collection 70%
Progression of the amount of trees planted
3.530 / 150.000 2.5%
Progression of the amount of people engaged (to undertake action)
5.000 / 5.000.000 1%